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ILCSA Resources

Are you searching for resources? We have compiled a comprehensive and useful list of resources that will provide detailed information that you seek.

Arthritis Management

Fact Sheet - Arthritis, Protecting your joints, Household tasks, Dressing, Personal Care & Recreation.

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Bathroom Safety

Fact Sheet - Bathroom Safety: for the shower; for the bath; for the Toilet and Taps. Slip resistant flooring; Designing new bathrooms and other safety ideas for the bathroom.

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Chairs - How to Choose

Fact Sheet - How to choose chairs including considering environmental & seating aspects. Discusses what to look for with electric lift and recliner chairs.

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Dementia - Safety in the home

Fact Sheet - What to consider for safety in the home for clients / family with Dementia.

Factors include: the home environment, safety equipment, tips, gadgets & wandering strategies.

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Dementia - Tips for everyday living

Fact Sheet - Tips for everyday living

Factors to consider: Personal Care; Hygiene; Meal time; Communication; General Tips & Staying involved.

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Energy Conservation

Fact Sheet - Discusses strategies for pacing, planning and organising your time to complete daily and work tasks.

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Falls Prevention - Safety in the home

Fact Sheet - Strategies to put in place in your home or work environment; lighting; flooring; clothing; outside environment and personal health considerations

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Low Vision - Products

Fact Sheet - Discusses low vision products, technology & equipment for daily living

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Personal Alarm Systems

Fact Sheet - What to consider when looking to purchase a Personal Alarm

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Wheelchairs safety and etiquette

Fact Sheet - Discusses what you should or shouldn't do when meeting someone in a wheelchair; what are safe ways to manoeuvre a wheel chair in different situations.

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Using a 4 Wheeled walker

Fact Sheet -  Instructions on how to safely use a 4 wheeled walker when walking, turning, sitting down / standing up from a chair and using steps.

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