Personal Alarm Systems

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Personal Alarms

Personal alarm systems allow the user to contact someone in an emergency.

Things to consider

Personal Alarms Factsheet 

ILCSA has compiled a factsheet detailing some of the differences and key features to look for when considering which personal alarm system is best for you. 
Click here to view/download

We advise you to discuss the alarm options with the supplier and your Doctor or heart specialist before purchasing. 

It is also advisable to install a key-safe for emergency access to your home. Some personal alarm companies will supply for a cost or they can be purchased from your hardware store. 

Personal Alarms 
Key Features to consider before purchasing a personal alarm

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Home Alarm Base & Pendant
Solo Watch
* PASA Rebate Avail if eligible

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Smart Link Guardian
Gem 4 Pendant
* PASA Rebate Avail if eligible

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Lingo 4G - Guardian
* Contact store for information

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SOFIHUB Personal Alarm

Units and Pendants
Rental only
* coming soon ILCSA Showroom