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ILCSA is a registered Occupational Therapy assessor and prescriber for geat2GO in South Australia. Our Occupational Therapist’s are able to submit an application for eligible clients via geat2GO (Indigo WA) for Goods Equipment and Assistive Technology devices.

Australian geat2GO is an Australian Government initiative under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). It allows older people to access helpful devices and equipment to continue living independently and make daily tasks easier. 

geat2GO criteria

  • To access geat2GO you will need to be registered for Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) services through My Aged Care.

  • You will also have been assessed by one of the Regional Assessment Services (RAS) and they will refer you to the GEAT program.

  • You will receive a number of service codes from My Aged Care for the services you require. The “Goods Equipment and Assistive Technology code” is required for GEAT2go. The Occupational Therapist will ask you for this code and your Aged Care (AC) number to proceed with the assessment application. This code can be obtained by contacting and requesting it from My Aged Care.

  • If you are eligible for CHSP, you could receive different helpful devices and pieces of equipment each year, to help you stay independent and make daily activities easier.

To contact My Aged Care please ring 1800 200 422

how to apply

Call the ILCSA team on 1800 445 272 and we will assist you to determine:

  • your eligibility for the geat2GO scheme
  • Assess your needs for the required equipment or device
  • Complete and submit a geat2GO application on your behalf for assistive technology equipment that meets your needs.

product areas available include:

  • Beds, Lifters and Transfer equipment
  • Personal alarms, watches and accessories
  • Low Vision devices
  • ADL’s, Kitchen and cooking equipment
  • Cushions, Seats and Pressure Care
  • Personal Care and Dressing
  • Oxygen bottle trolley
  • Bathroom and Toilet Equipment
  • Ramps, wheelchairs, walkers and mobility aids